Monday, March 7, 2011

How you know you have a social game

Today's release brought the much enticipated "NEXT EMAIL" button (ability to quickly go to the next internal email)

It puzzled me that this feature got over 70 votes. I mean come on! isn't some super-duper attack improvement more important?... apparently not.

And then I realized something... this is how you know Realm of Empires is a social game! players are actually taking with each other! Its not about visiting someones farm or island or what not to get points, it is about actually talking with someone, convincing them to work with you.

I think that's really cool!

This is not really a new realization, I write about how Realm of Empires has a significant educational aspect a lot but this was an interesting ... twist.

1 comment:

  1. It's an awesome game! However, for me the scroll feature for the inbox really has more benefit in regard to efficiency with sorting reports for easy looting later. :D If this game had a PvP element where you could battle other players, the interaction would increase. I, for one, would love a PvP element that enables training and arming your troops.